13. Institutions and Licensed Establishments - EPHOC
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Course Description: Environmental Health Practice continues to have a long and successful history in protecting the public’s health. Public establishments, places where people congregate, and multi-dimensional places of residence require governmental oversight through inspection, licensure, and general assessment. The Environmental Health Worker that performs this important monitoring function requires a scientific knowledge base, specialized training, and field experience.
As these facilities and certain public places become more specialized and complex in-nature, a thorough review process is necessitated. This educational video-course includes a discussion of the environmental parameters linked to the inspection, licensure, and health preservation in institutional and licensed establishment settings. Definitions of institutions and licensed facilities are presented along with health concerns inherent to these activities. A review of the environmental health considerations relative to institutions and licensed facilities is also provided in this series.  Contact hours (3)
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Environmental / Industrial Health
General Public Health
Investigations / Inspections / Enforcement
Public Safety
Environmental Health Professionals
General Public Health Staff
Public Safety Communications
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Course Level: Introductory
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