2018 General Sanitation Core Training Part 1 1074092 Frankfort
 Course ID: 1074092
 Format: Meeting (Live Event)
 Clinical / Non-Clinical: Non Clinical
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 Cost (US$): 0.00
 Credit Type(s): 15.25 Registered Sanitarians
 Certificate: TRAIN Certificate of Attendance
Course Description:

General Sanitation Core Training Part 1

8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Course Description:
A general overview of Facilities Environmental programs required to be taken by all Kentucky local health department environmentalists. Programs covered in this session will include hotel/motel, mobile home and recreational vehicle communities, youth camps, state confinement facilities, human rabies prevention, school sanitation, private water supplies and nuisances. Other areas addressed include mold, radon, lead based paint and bed bugs.

Course Objectives:
1.) Familiarize environmentalists with Kentucky Statutes and Regulations regarding Facilities Environmental Programs.
2.) Familiarize environmentalists with required Department for Public Health forms.
3.) Provide an instructional evironment in which environmentalists perform inspections to familiarize them with the process in a real world environment.
4.) Familiarize environmentalists with Department for Public Health staff that will be serving as their technical consultants.
5.) Prepare environmentalists to complete a knowledge assessment to proceed to the next stage of training.


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Original Posted Date: 12/8/2017

Subject Area(s):
Environmental / Industrial Health
Environmental Health Professionals
Background/Role(s): None
Course Language(s):
Course Level: Advanced
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
Registration Restrictions:
Sponsor: Environmental Management Branch
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Description: Facilities Environmental Supervisor
Name: Erica Brakefield
Phone: 502-564-4856
email: erica.brakefield@ky.gov
Description: Facilities Environmental Technical Consultant
Name: Leanna Caven
Phone: 502-564-4856
email: leanna.caven@ky.gov
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March 09, 2018
Overall Impression Recommends this course: Not Supplied  
March 09, 2018
Fantastic training. Great instructors. Very knowledgeable of the subject matter and very adept at relating that material to those who are unfamiliar with the subject. Added plenty of real-world experiences to the lectures to make it real and definitely applicable to environmentalist core sanitation training. Highly recommend.
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