Drug Assistant GoTo Training 1071427 Webinar
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Drug Assistant GoTo Training 1071427 Webinar

Course Duration (estimated):

2 hours

Course Description:

This training is ONLY for KPAP trained users of DrugAssistant software.  Unauthorized individuals who sign up for the training will not be allowed to participate.

You will receive a web address, a User ID and password the evening prior to the training.   If you have not received your login information by the morning of the training, please contact Ileana Batista at DrugAssistant 713-299-6736.

There will be NO online evaluation to complete but you do need to log back into your personal TRAIN account and mark this meeting as Complete under the My Learning file.  

Online training is offered once a month for the KPAP Drug Assistant Software.  Although this training is not mandatory, it is HIGHLY encouraged.  You will phone in (conference call style) while at your computer and a software representative will walk the class (10 persons maximum) through the software step-by-step.  

Please note:  Registration for training closes two days before each scheduled class.  The day prior to or the morning of your scheduled class, you will receive an email from the Drug Assistant representative that will confirm your registration and provide instruction on how to call in and join the class.                                                                                               

The day prior to your scheduled class, you will receive an email from the Drug Assistant representative that will confirm your registration and provide instruction on how to call in and join the class.


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Cloned 06/16/16 for year 2018 dk
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Access to Care (includes health insurance)
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Course Level: Intermediate
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Sponsor: Health Care Access Branch
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Name: Rhonda Farmer
Phone: (502) 564-8966 x 4008
email: rhonda.farmer@ky.gov
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March 14, 2018
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